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Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey Sold Around The World

Our manuka honey is sourced exclusively from Owhaoko lands and produced in limited quantities. For a few weeks each summer, hives are set down by helicopter near dense manuka bush flowering in the uninhabited wilderness.

Owhaoko® manuka honey is independently laboratory tested and certified as pure, authentic monofloral manuka honey, as per the Ministry for Primary Industries’ standards.

Sourced from a deeply special place


We stand by the quality and authenticity of every jar of Owhaoko® honey.

Our membership of the UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association) provides independent certification that our products are premium quality, true manuka honey.

As part of the UMF™ Honey Association testing process, every batch of honey must also go through a series of additional checks and supporting programmes to ensure the ultimate in authenticity, quality and safety.

Please see  (UMFHA™licence no. #2862) to find out more.